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Definitive Music Launches Dedicated News Section for All Things House Music

by Sam Ebersole - Wednesday July 17th 2024

Definitive Music, a United States based house music collective, is excited to announce the launch of its news section dedicated to all things house music.

This new addition to the Definitive Music website will serve as a go-to resource for fans, artists, and industry professionals alike, offering up to date information and insights into the fast-growing world of house music.


so what's featured?

current news

Stay updated with the latest happenings in the house music scene, including trending stories, industry developments, and more.

artist and label spotlights/Q&As

Get up close and personal with in-depth interviews and features on both established and emerging artists and labels that are shaping the sound of

house music today.

upcoming events

Never miss a beat with our comprehensive calendar of upcoming house music events, from underground parties to major festivals around the globe.

new releases

Discover the freshest releases as soon as they drop, with selections and

recommendations from our team as well as artist takeovers of the Definitive playlist.

about definitive music

Definitive Music is a house music event company amplifying the finest talents in house music. Our mission is to bring the best music experience to our audience through unique venues with upcoming and established artists.

Definitive Music invites all house music fans to explore the new section and join the community.

Visit to check out the first articles dropping this week.


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